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About Us

About Us

Shenzhen Grady New Energy Co. Ltd is a unique company with vertical integration of designing, developing and manufacturing high-technology lithium battery since from 2008. With talented team and advanced technology, we are able to quick provide professional, safe and reliable lithium batteries that deliver high performance, maximum usable energy and long life power to many applications around the world. 

Our expertise

  • Preparation of prototypes for testing and evaluation.
  • Series/parallel cell pack configurations.
  • Smart batteries and chargers.
  • FM and SGS approved Intrinsically Safe batteries.
  • Military standards.
  • IP54 through IP68 ratings adherence.
  • UN/DOT and UL testing when needed.

Broad Trust

  • More than 210 customers > 50 countries
  • Has Used in > 25 industries
  • widely used: 3c Electronics,Medical,UAV,Solar Energy,Golf cart,Marine etc
  • Ups for telecom industry
  • Apc smart-ups for data center 
  • Solar energy storage
  • Wind generator energy storage
  • Ups for home
  • Golf car battery 
  • Protable outdoor energy storage 
  • Marine battery

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Our lithium battery factory Providing OEM & ODM Lithium battery Service From Our Clients Through Ongoing & Innovation.

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